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FreightScan is a leader in the development and deployment of customer-driven technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry. FreightScan offers two classes of products: Cargo dimensioning and cargo screening. Its flagship product, the FS100, is a cutting edge dimensioning system that creates value by automating the process of capturing measurements and calculating dimensional weight without interfering with workflow. For cargo security screening, FreightScan is preparing to launch CargoSight - the first screening system that not only detects potential threat objects and materials, but also pinpoints their exact location for precise and efficient inspection. From increasing profits to screening cargo, FreightScan is committed to improving your cargo operation.

FreightScan FS100
Powerful Dimensioning Solutions

FreightScan's FS100 provides features that exceed all existing standards for static dimming systems in the cargo industry.

FS100 Features:

  • Innovative 3D imaging system scans loose cargo, multiple packages, skids and pallets.
  • Complete scan to dimension cargo in 0.5 seconds (flower boxes) to 6.0 seconds (10' x 10' pallets).
  • Precise measurements to within 0.1 inch (flower boxes) to 0.5 inch (10' x 10' pallets).
  • Compares scan data to scale weight to determine chargeable weight.
  • Easily installs 15 feet above floor.
  • Flexible use for billing, logistics management & more!


The FS100 automates the process of quickly and accurately gathering dimensional and chargeable weight data in order to convert dims to revenue.

A revolutionary advance for the freight industry, D.I.M.M. TechT (Defined Imaging and Multiple Measurement Technology) enables multiple packages to be dimmed with a single scan.

Benefits for Your Cargo Business:

  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Improved dimensioning accuracy.
  • Generate additional revenue.
  • Incorporates visual record with every waybill.
  • Maximize warehouse resources.

No capital expenditure required to start using FreightScan and its small footprint ensures minimal impact to warehouse operations.

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